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General Conditions

The principles of these ‘General conditions’ regulate the relationship between ‘ProFinTax’ Ltd. as called above, on one hand, and on the other, CONSUMERS of the products presented and explained on the domain Only with a click on the product’s image, a link or a button on the pages of the client gives his agreement on these ‘General conditions’ and is obliged to follow their principles.

‘ProFinTax’ Ltd. has been signed in the register of commerce at the Agency of registration with its present address of placement: 1137, Pancharevo district, VAT 200899923



Our CLIENTS need to have a registration to acquire the rights for an application to buy the products offered by

You have to subscribe yourself with the present address which will be used for the delivery of the products. You also have to write the first name and the family name of the subscriber, respectively of the firm of the buyer, the e-mail and the telephone number to be found, if necessary.

There has to be chosen a password, too.

After the initial registration the CUSTOMERS, to their convenience, are able to change their data about the phone number and the address of the delivery. They will be able to give another address and to show another person to receive the order instead.

By marking in the field ‘I agree’ with the ‘General conditions’ our clients give their electronic agreement in accordance with the Law of electronic signs and documents. In that way the client declares that he/she is acquainted with the regulations and is ready to follow them without any reservations.

You can also shop without having registered yourself.

All the goods offered in are given by the official representatives of the producers.


Protection of personal data

In the Law for the protection of personal data the regulated principles are set and the administrators have to follow them correctly while manipulating.

Each of the administrators is obliged to work up the data according to these regulations as follows:

-to work up the data conscientiously and in compliance with the law;

-to collect the information for special, legal and exact aims; not to change its working up in a way incompatible with the stated rules;

-to keep the data for a period long enough to identify the beneficiary for the aims of the law and in accordance with it.

The personal data which acquires when making a registration will be used only for the purposes of our customers to be serviced appropriately- receiving and the implementation of a special order, delivering information in a newsletter form to the customers in case any problems with it appear. guarantees that the personal data will be safely kept and will not be used  for any other purposes except the above mentioned.


All our subscribers of the newsletter are able to unsubscribe themselves, to delete their personal account together with the information there.




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